The LEBANESE ORDER OF PHYSICIANS project consists of 6 basements and 7 upper floors. The site is surrounded by 2 major roads and old residential buildings – high risk. The terrain is sloping. On one side the excavation to be supported is 27m deep! The soil is mainly a clayey sand (from the +9m to -6m) on top of a very stiff gray clay. The Clay includes intermittent shale seams & layers. The water is abundant perching on top of the clay. The excavation reaches the (-18m) elevation; That is 15m below the water level! I.G.M. proposed a mixed solution. Nailed and Anchored shotcrete on the top portion (0 to +9m) & anchored piles (0 to -18m) on the lower portion. The piles are tangent (40cm diameter, 21m deep) cased at top and anchored by 4-5 rows of high capacity anchors. The Anchors are about 13-20m in length and tensioned to 45T against a reinforced concrete beam. The anchors were installed using the IRS system allowing repetitive and selective injections. Grouting in the top sandy portion was done to lower the water inflow to pumpable levels.

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