ballouzMarc Ballouz was born in 1965 in Beirut Lebanon.  He obtained his high school degree from the French Jesuit school of Notre Dame de Jamhour.  Despite the ongoing civil war at that time he pursued his higher education and got his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut AUB, Lebanon in 1987.  He worked for his dad Joseph Ballouz, who is a well know engineer and contractor for two years, then moved to the USA to pursue his graduate studies and obtained there his MS & PhD degrees in geotechnical engineering from Texas A&M University in 1994 with a 4.0 GPA.

He worked as a consultant in Houston Texas for 2 years before returning to Lebanon to start his own company, the Institute for Geotechnics & Materials, IGM in 1997.  IGM was founded as a reference problem solver of geotechnical engineering challanges, covering services from Lab testing to large scale construction projects.  IGM quickly grew and is now International with offices in 5 different countries with more than 200 employees, and a large fleet of specialized equipment for geotechnical contracting.  This allowed him to explore his capabilities in innovative Design/Build solutions in Geotechnical engineering.  He is one of the rare engineers who are at ease in both: solving differential equations and driving a large drill rig.  He is considered an international expert in Foundation engineering particularly deep foundations in difficult soil conditions for special structures such as bridges, high-rise buildings, wind turbines, and other.

In Parallel to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dr. Ballouz enjoyed teaching soil mechanics and foundation engineering courses at the Lebanese American University (LAU), Notre Dame University (NDU), and the Lebanese University (UL), in Lebanon for more than 10 years.  Dr. Ballouz stays up to date attending conferences regularly, presenting his work, and continues to publish technical papers about deep foundations, landslides, and some interesting articles about general geotechnics.  He is frequently invited to give lectures and seminars at renowned universities in the USA, Lebanon, and other countries,  about Lessons Learned in geotechnical engineering.

Alongside his career, Dr. Ballouz has been very active with ISSMGE as the Vice Chair of the Innovation & Development Committee (IDC), then for 2 years (2011 – 2013) he led the PRC (Public Relations Committee) of ISSMGE. In a relatively short period of time, PRC accomplished major achievements in promoting Geotechnical Engineering worldwide. During the 18th Int’l conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering in Paris, in September 2013, Dr. Ballouz received the ISSMGE Outstanding Public Relations Award. Dr. Ballouz is presently one of the 12 Board Members of ISSMGE, that has about 30,000 geotechnical engineers under its wings.

Dr. Ballouz spends most of his time in Austin Texas where he resides with his family, but travels a lot to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe as part of his work management.  He is fluent in 3 languages (English, French, and Arabic), and enjoys outdoor sports and activities (skiing, hunting, hiking, etc…).

igm-logo-largeInternational IGM s.a.r.l. is an international company specializing in Geotechnical engineering. It started in the Lebanese market as “IGM” in 1998. As the company successfully grew over the years, it evolved into “International IGM” because of its increasing involvement in projects abroad. The new company and management team started officially in October 2003.

Today the company has presence and offices in Lebanon, Nigeria, France, China, and notably in the US since 2009 – see appendix A for a list of US projects. While I-IGM started US operations with investigations and designs, the objective of the US branch is to provide design-built and turn-key solutions, in particular in the renewable energy field. To that effect we are proud to have joined forces and partnered up with EPE, Electric Power Engineers. EPE is a Texas-based company with over 20 years of experience in renewable energy, and has clients and projects in the US and worldwide.

I.G.M. stands for the Institute for Geotechnics and Materials (Institut de Geotechnique et Materiaux). The main idea was to create a focal institute able to handle major projects and solve tough problems related to geotechnical and materials engineering.

The institute is presently managed by Dr. Marc Ballouz, Ph.D. Eng’g graduating from the USA (Texas A&M University). Dr. Ballouz is a lecturer at the Lebanese University (UL) and Lebanese American University (LAU). He has released numerous publications in the past and continues to do. He plays active and leading roles at ISSMGE, the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.

I-IGM is an active sponsor of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), and its services are offered through its five divisions:

  • Investigation
  • Design
  • Contracting
  • Research & Education
  • Software

These divisions are working in parallel and following the ISO recommendations for future certification. The aim of I IGM is to satisfy its clients by providing top quality work delivered on time.