The Alta Vista Hotel was subject to a heavy explosion that was placed at road level under a major structural column, with 5 basements below and 20 floor levels above. The column is 1.6m in diameter and was completely destroyed with 2 other adjacent columns severely damaged. About 3 slabs were completely destroyed and the entire structure cracked all the way to the upper floors. The IGM team proposed a design/build solution for the reinstatement of the Hotel structure. The solution consists of jacking up the structure with 1200T capacity, and proved to be the most technically viable and the least expensive method. Concrete jacketing was installed around the damaged column with 300 dowels with epoxy.  Concrete columns and slabs were reconstructed after clearing the damaged portions.  Jacking with comparison to theoretical simulation was peformed with 1200 T capacity hydraulic system that was completely designed and manufactured by the company