Client: Mr. Jack Lahoud

The Project is in Achrafieh area in Beirut Lebanon. It consists of an old residential building that was acquired by and engulfed by the AUST campus (American University of Science & Technology). Int’l IGM task was to evaluate the existing structure, & intervene according to a design/build contract for a somewhat surgical intervention for strengthening the existing structure in order to accommodate the new usage as classrooms. The study was directed towards allowing a sizeable increase in live load capacity to reach school load standards (450 kg/m2). The tasks of Int’l IGM are described in the following sequence: 1- Analyze the Load distribution, 2- Test the concrete quality & steel reinforcement,  3- Strengthen any structural element that is found unsatisfactory using CFRP technology,  4- Structural strengthening by creating new vertical and flexural elements, 5- Strengthen the foundation system by underpinning with micropiles.