The “Lot# 4215 Mar Takla” project consists of a residential with a reinforced concrete structure of 8 floor levels including 2 basements. This building on a steep slop with slopping backfill is a particular case requiring special geotechnical attention. Since the site is on a slopping terrain, the front portion of the site has been backfilled by the soil excavated from the rear portion of the site. The topsoil is composed of a low plasticity silt and sand, underlain by the bedrock formation that extends 2m to 3m from the natural surface.  Int’l I.G.M. proposed and constructed a slope stabilization system towards the valley since the slope is steep and composed of newly deposit materials. The system consists of installing 3 rows of 40 cm. piles with a depth averaging 8 to 10 meters and a spacing of 4m to 2m towards the slope edge. The lateral nails would be 13m long and space 4m c/c.